Welcome to FileFare

Our dead simple uploading system allows you to quickly monetize your files.
Simply upload a file, share the link and wait to get paid. It's that simple!

We need to know who you are in order to get paid for your files.
So, please Login or Create a new account before uploading any files.

All file types are supported. The file size limit is 100 MB.

How it works

1. Upload

Simply upload your file(s), set the price, name and description (optional), and you will receive a download link which you can share with the people interested in gaining access to your file.

Simple, right?

If you need to upload multiple files at once, zip them together.

2. Share

All you have to do next is to share your file with the people interested in it. You can find a list of all your files on the Files account page.

To find the download link, simply click the button and you'll be taken to it. From there, copy the address in your browser and share it.

3. Profit

You can view all the sales of your files on the Sales account page.


The payments are scheduled to go out daily by default, when you have something in your balance, and after you've setup your PayPal email address in the Account Settings.

Our Profit

We use PayPal for our processing solution, which applies a different transaction fee based on the buyer's location. That dynamic amount is subtracted from your file price. We then apply a 3% service fee of the remaining amount, and assign you the rest.

If you refer a friend, you will receive 1% of each sale they generate. The 1% is on us, we don't tax you or your referrals more.

If you want to ask us something else, feel free to use the Feedback page.